iPhone 6 Plus kickstand case Review

Hello Readers

Today i review a kickstand case for iPhone 6 plus. I put all mu thought in the video below. Check it out and tell me what you thought.

Here is the one I got!
Here is my Video!

Product information from the company:

  • THE BEST IPHONE 6 PLUS KICKSTAND CASE! – Turns your apple 6 plus into a Mobile Entertainment Center, the best protection and best price.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY! – The Rugged Kickstand and Slim Fit sets this case apart from the others that either have a flimsy kickstand that will break or are too bulky to keep in your pocket.
  • SCREEN PROTECTOR INCLUDED! – Easy to install directions, keeps your screen scratch and dirt free.
  • ARMORED PROTECTION! – The TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) soft inner layer hugs the iphone 6 plus perfectly and adds a nice feel/grip to the phone. The polycarbonate outer shell provides exceptional protection especially at the corners, where the phone is likely to be damaged in the event of a drop.
  • THE BIGGER THEY ARE THE HARDER THEY FALL! – Don’t skimp on Protection. The hand grenade grip design will prevent your apple phone from slipping from your hand or pocket.

Product description:

Protect your Iphone and Save Money!
The Most Rugged Case that Optimizes Function

– Softest “Slim fit” case, extroadinary grip will not slip out of your hand or pocket! 
– Sturdy Kickstand provides years of exceptional audio and video entertainment from your iphone 6 plus! 
– Pefectly fits your iphone 6 plus so you can utilize all the features of your phone even in the harshest weather conditions! 

Get the Most from you Large Screen phone

Turn your phone into a mobile entertainment center simply by opening the kickstand. Music sounds better, videos are easier to view, books and .pdfs are easy to read when your phone is set up on the kickstand. 

Bonus: Includes one plastic screen protector!

– Simply stick the screen protector to your phone and you will prevent scratches, keeping your phone looking brand new, even after years of use. 
– The slim fit and screen protector allows you to “pocket” your Phone/Mobile Entertainment center worry free. 
– Protects your case while getting the most from your phone when traveling, enjoying the outdoors, or just relaxing at home. 

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