Liquid Chalk Markers by CHALKOLA Review

Hello Readers

I got these liquid chalk markers to review. Chalkola gave them to be to review for my option. They also gave me a 10% off coupon for all my views. So don’t forget to look out for that below.

My sister tisha use the markers to make a sign for her party. There are more photo’s of her I DO BBQ in my other blog.

Here are some photos of the markers in use:


Here is what the markers look like inside the packaging. 
The sign my sister tisha made.

Here is the up close look at the sign. She used the red and sliver markers. The sign came out so cute!
Really close look at the letters.
Below is more information about the markers and company that makes them.
Up close look at the markers.

Information about the liquid chalk markers:

  • KEEP YOUR KIDS ENGAGED for HOURS – Keeping kids engaged is the most challenging part of the day and keeping them away from computers and mobile games is becoming more difficult – Watch kids (and adults) creativity come alive as they Design on craft Paper, Non porous Walls, Car window, Signs, Classroom projects, Books, Blackboard, Scrapbooking – After all they are Eco friendly, Non Toxic, Xylene Free, Odor Free
  • USE ONLY ON NON POROUS SURFACES – A perfect canvas for your art is any material which is non porus (as pores absorb chalk ink) – Always test a small area of the surface & its easy to erase the ink with a wet cloth.
  • BEST Teacher Supplies for Classroom – Teachers of preschool, elemantary, Kindergarten, middle and high School have rated Chalkola Markers as their #1 fun and educational supply tool. Make your teaching more fun by adding colors – Be it a math, science, history or music class.
  • BUY THE PERFECT GIFT – With 8g Ink – These dry markers should last you for many months – Fun in store for entire family, Now decorate Birthday Parties, furniture, restaurant, bar, Halloween, 4th of july, Christmas, Thanks Giving & every other holiday with these fine tip markers.
  • SPICE UP YOUR DECORATIONS – Chalkola wet erase markers are Vibrant | Bright | Bold – You can Use them on your Mason jars, ceramic jars, DIY projects, Leave personal notes on Mirror & calendar, Chalkboard Stickers, Chalkboard contact paper, tile, Metal, Plastic, Thank you Card, Accessories, Glasses doors, Cafe menus, Gym boards, Sewing patterns on fabric, Mark expiration date on food canisters & Containers, chalkboard labels, Business Folder, Lunch menu for middle school, Kitchen, Mega Mugs, Plants, garden.

Product Description:
LOOKING TO MAKE DOODLING MORE FUN? Enter Chalkola Chalk Markers – These Premium Wet Wipe Markers will help you beautify and Brighten any mini, small or large craft with Vibrant fluorescent colors! Most trusted & widely used brand across USA by artists, crafters and parents.
They replace Regular chalk which leads to dust, dull creative art, not so great fine point. Chalkola dry erase markers are a great option if you want bold and smooth letters that wont be smudged. It is easy to write with and can be used for kids projects, Brainstorming ideas in your Workplace, Cafe Menu, Message boards, creating art at home, For all temporary Commercial Applications, Car windows, Non porous classroom chalkboards, Teacher supplies.
What separates Chalkola chalk paint pens from the rest? It’s really simple. It starts with our premium quality nibs (made in Japan) and amazingly bright inks. We’ve gone to great lengths to source the highest quality components for you, enjoyed by artists and crafters all over the USA.
You’ll just love these Chalk Ink Markers! A Marker can be used as return gifts for kids birthday, for party decorations or as birthday party supplies. Else use them for Special festive decorations Like Easters day, Mothers & Fathers Day, Halloween, 4th of July. These Glow pens offer fantastic value with 10 great colors – white, red, orange, green, black, yellow, blue purple, pink and brown in every pack! Ink dries completely to a paint like, smudge proof finish and gives a metallic acrylic, oil paint and watercolor feel. The 5.5mm bullet tip ink wipes with a damp cloth and removes completely and easily on non-porous surfaces (Stickers, Paper, Tile, Garden, Plastic)
These Erasable pens are not messy, Children Friendly, Removes cleanly with no stains, Long storage life. Noise Free – No more screeching on the boards of chalk, No more – Mom i am bored!

 Amazon Coupon Code – A4ACHALK

This will give the you 10% off!

To buy click here:

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