Mom’s Lab 2-In-1 Canopy and Nursing cover Review

Hello Readers

I got this 2-in-1 canopy/cover to review for my honest option. Mom’s Lab gave me the product for free.

Here is my Full Review:

Some of my LIKE’S:

  • It can be used for breastfeeding and a carseat cover.
  • It’s light weight and breathable during feeding time.
  • There isn’t lots of strings to get in your way while nursing the baby.

Some of my DISLIKE’S:

  • It’s to light weight for winter or fall season.
  • I wanted it to be a little heavier.

Product Information off their Amazon page:

Product Information:

Aren’t you tired of buying products designed to perform only a single function and carrying them altogether every day?
We present a unique 2-in-1 combination of two must-have items for new mums – CAR SEAT CANOPY and NURSING COVER!
The nursing cover will help you feed your baby without fear of awkwardness or causing any uncomfortable moments. 
Take it with you wherever you go and you will be able to discretely and easily feed your baby in shops, cafés or parks. 
Boned plastic neckline gives you direct eye contact with your beloved baby, always letting him or her see your smile!
When your baby is full and satisfied, you can use the same cover on a car seat to protect your baby from sunlight, wind, light rain, irritating movement of surrounding people, insects and even bacteria in doctors’ offices!
Each corner is fitted with Velcro latches for maximum protection against wind. 4 Velcro stickers are included – attach them to your car seat and you are ready to go! The straps that attach to the handle of car seat are lined with anti-slide silicone so you do not have to worry about the cover sliding down to one side.
It folds down to a tiny size and comes with a storage bag with some extra space for pacifiers, pads or tissues. You can also use it as a light blanket for your baby when outdoors.
An absolute must-have for every new mother! Look no further for the perfect baby shower gift!
Thousands of satisfied customers have already chosen us for the best quality and service. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, contact us within 365 days from the order date and we will give you a complete refund.
We Cannot Offer This Deal For Long! Go ahead and press the orange Add to Basket button at the top of this page!

To Buy click here:

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