Royal Locks Pro Curl Review

Hello Readers

I am doing a review on a curl cream product by Royal locks. It was given to be for free and in exchange for an honest review. I was so happy to try their product and see if it could help my curly hair.
Now, I have had curly hair all my life and I used to hate my hair. I would never wear my natural curly hair because i didn’t want people to make fun of my hair. So at a early age I would always straighting it. 
I did that because I never like how my curls got all frizzy and  made it seem like I just rolled out of bed. I tried every product that would clam to make your curls not frizzy. Well, I have found that product that works for my hair.
Royal locks pro curl cream is a life and time saver. I can use the cream to keep my hair from being all frizzy and it doesn’t make my curls hard. It keeps them soft and not frizzy even after sleeping on them.
Here is the product not opened 
And this is what it did for my hair:

Here is some information about the cream:

  • Professional Salon Size for Better Value. Compare our size to other brands. Easy pump dispensing.
  • 2 in 1 Superior Hold and Leave In Anti-Frizz Moisturizer ★★★★★
  • With Argan Oil for super moisture, yet lightweight and all day holding power.Cream and Gel combo doesn’t leave a sticky residue or your hair “crunchy”.
  • Curly Hair Team Tested and Approved. Love your curls again!STOP USING MULTIPLE PRODUCTS!
  • Great for tight curls to waves, short to long hair, men, women and children.

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