Air Vent Mount Review

Hello Readers

I really like making video’s in my car but was having a hard time finding a mount that worked with my phone. I have an iPhone 6 and find that some mounts don’t work for me. I not really a fan of the standing ones that use suction clip thing. Below is my review!

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Product Information:

☎PURE FREEDOM -We all love our smartphones. Even when we’re driving, they aren’t always the easiest to put down or ignore. That’s why we at CacheAlaska have created this remarkable Cell Phone Holder! Our easy to install and durable vent mount is sure to make your phone much more accessible while driving, and it makes a world of difference when it comes to safety.

  • ☎SURE FIT -No matter what size phone you have, you can bet that our adjustable phone cradle will fit! It expands and fits phones up to 8.5cm in width. It even holds the largest phone on the market, the iPhone 6 Plus! Our amazing vent mount is sure to hold your device securely, making dangerous fumbling for your phone a thing of the past!
  • ☎YOU NEED TO VENT -Our unique and reliable vent clamp swivel can easily be tilted in any direction to ensure you’re getting the best view. Even if the vents in your car have become loose over time and can’t hold the weight of your phone, the wide tilting angle ensures you can access your phone when you need it, without worry!
  • ☎GRIP IT -Not only will your phone cradle stay securely locked into place, the supreme anti-slip grip offered by this fantastic mobile phone accessory is second to none! All you have to do is slide your phone in, the custom designed clamp squeezes your phone tight, and voila, you’re ready to enjoy hands-free accessibility while you drive.
  • ☎TRUE SATISFACTION -We know we have an extraordinary product. For that reason, we offer a full lifetime guarantee on every phone holder we sell! If, for any reason, you don’t feel like our product has met your expectations, just send it back our way for a full refund of the purchase price! We’ll only be satisfied if you are
  • Click here to buy:

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