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I choose to do a video review for the calfie’s leg sleeve. Check it out below!

Product Information:

  • * * * * COMPRESSION SLEEVE WARNING * * * * *. . . . . . . . . . . * * * * * Not all compression is created equal! * * * * * Only real graduated compression can increase circulation to relieve pain, reduce swelling/injury and improve recovery time & endurance.
  • Imported
  • ♦ If your FEET & LEGS HAVE EVER BEEN SWOLLEN, SORE, TIGHT OR HURTING after a workout or a long day on your feet, you’ll LOVE the relief you get from wearing Calfies. 15-20mmHg gradient compression is precisely engineered to exert gradual pressure & support on the lower leg from the ankle up. This force constricts the blood vessels which increases circulation, bringing a multitude of real, physical benefits.
  • ♦ SPORTS MEDICINE & 1,000’s OF ATHLETES CAN’T BE WRONG your feet & legs feel and perform better when you wear Calfies, and they look really cool too!
  • ♦ WHEN IT COMES TO GRADIENT COMPRESSION – ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Get more info below and find out what size your Calfies are in the size chart above………………….. *** If your calves are larger than 19″ our XXL will NOT fit you.***
  • ♦ Calfies are, without a doubt the PREMIUM SPORTS VERSION of compression stockings, socks, tights, leggings, guards, protective wraps and are manufactured to the absolute highest standards for your utmost comfort, durability & usability. Extra Wide Comfort Cuff’s ♦ Seamless ♦ Breathable ♦ Quick-dry ♦ No Fade/Stretch/Chafe/Itch ♦ Easy Care ♦ 4-Way Stretch ♦ 85%-Nylon 15%-Spandex (Lycra)
  • ♦ REST ASSURED WITH TUFF TOGS 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. You have nothing to lose except tired, achy muscles so take advantage of our special price – add a pair or 2 to your cart and click to buy! Don’t risk your size being sold out, buy now➹

Click Here to Buy:

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