Breast-Feeding Carry Case for a Nipple Cover Review

Hello Readers

I have been breastfeeding for eight months now. It has been very trying sometimes, with all the changes that happen between my son and me.  Now that he is teething and biting everything he can get in his mouth. I’m just trying to stay strong during this time. But it’s hard, when your nipple is always being bitten to keep breastfeeding.

Now that my son is working on getting teeth. I brought a nipple cover to keep breastfeeding him and so far it’s helping with the pain. I have reach my goal of breastfeeding him till he was eight month. Now I want to make it to a year, wish me luck!

Product Information:

  • PROTECT YOUR SWEET BABY from harmful germs, bacteria, and other bad debris that could collect on an unprotected nipple shield.
  • HAVE TOTAL PEACE OF MIND knowing your nipple shield is safely stored where it is supposed to be when your baby is hungry, crying, and needing momma’s sweet nectar.
  • CREATE DISCREET STORAGE of your nipple shield to confidently and comfortably bring it anywhere without getting awkward and nosy questions.
  • MAKE A SMART CHOICE to use our durable and compact nipple shield case to store, transport, and make for easy feedings on the go.

Now you can rest easy knowing your Nipple Shield is exactly where it is supposed to be for your Sweet Baby’s Next Feeding! There is nothing worse for a new mom who is breastfeeding, than not finding her nipple shield when her baby is crying and hungry. Our bright colored cases are the perfect place to safely and hygienically store your nipple shield and Medela Breashield in between feedings. We know how the clear nipple shields can be hard to see and find, especially when you need them most. 

When you purchase your Armful Of Love Nipple Shield Case, here’s what you should do: 

After you see your order has shipped, watch for our e-mail. 

Open it and scroll down the page, and you’ll find your attached eBook on How To Breastfeed Your Baby with best practices and tips to help new moms with this important job!
Click Here to Buy:

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