100% All Organic Detox Tea By Young Leaf

Hello Readers

I’m a very big tea drinker and that being said tea is acquired taste. I like the detox tea, it doesn’t taste bad. The smell is very calming to me and I enjoy drinking it twice day.

I lose about 7 pounds while using the tea. I plan on trying the tea again in a few weeks.

The tea helps flush out harmful toxins in the body. No more feeling tried or bloated. You got to try the tea!

Product Information:

  • THE BEST ORGANIC DETOX TEA: Happy and Healthy People On Amazon Continually Agree that our 100% All Natural Detox Tea is the Best they ever had.
  • WHY BUY FROM US: We Don’t Call It “The Ultimate Inner Body Workout” For Nothing! Our Proprietary Blend Helps Reduce Bloating To Achieve A Flatter Tummy! …As well as, Promotes Weight Loss by Increasing the Metabolism, Curbing Hunger, and Cleansing the Body of Toxins!
  • ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: We believe you should be able to read the Ingredients You Put Into Your Body. Thats why we have Absolutely NO Nasty Chemicals or Added Flavors. No Laxative Effects. Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Organic Lemon Myrtle, Organic Linden Blossoms, Organic Holy Basil (Tusli), Organic Spearmint, Organic Rose Hips, Organic Ginger Root. Our Tea is All Natural, So you can feel that way too.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our Blends Are Always Made Fresh And In Small Batches To Ensure the Highest Quality. We’ve created an all around Detox to keep you healthy, and away from any added laxatives or diuretics. So you can start today and Feel Confident about achieving your Weight Loss and Lifestyle Goals.
Think You Need A Detox?

By doing a Detox, it gives a much needed cleanse to your liver, kidneys, and overall body. Since over time, the toxins can build up and compound, leaving you feeling bloated, tired, or even sick. Having a Healthy Digestive System helps absorb nutrients much more efficiently, and improves physical and mental cognitive functions. Choosing to do an All Organic Detox will ensure that only natural and nutrient rich herbs enter you system, and help support your wellness goals. Which leaves your body feeling healthier, happier, and more vibrant than ever. 

Do a detox, lose the bloated tummy, and feel great again.

Easy + Healthy Morning Ritual

Once a day, in the morning or afternoon.

Great Taste And All Organic Ingredients

We believe that food labels should be read and understood. Which is why we only use tried, tested, and proven ingredients that can be read. Which is why we only use organic ingredients that have no laxative effects. Take the time to undergo a detox and give your body the break it deserves from junk food, preservatives, and additives. 

The Benefits Of Our Detox

Cleanse your body, Detoxify, and Lose Weight Safely with all natural support: 

• Increase Metabolism
• Suppress Appetite
• Improve Digestion
• Eliminate Buildup Of Toxins
• Anti-Oxidant Properties
• Natural Energy Boost
• Improve Immune Function
• Improve Circulation

Do A Detox, Lose The Bloat, And Feel Great!

Click here to Buy: http://amzn.com/B010U1LRJQ

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