Hello Readers

I’m having a new CONTEST for the chance to WIN A DIY Body Butter kit by Leona. The contest starts tomorrow at noon on Monday and will be ending on Friday at noon. 

To be entered to WIN Please follow these STEPS!

Step One: Go to my blog and subscribe to it 

Step Two: Then subscribe to my YouTube channel

Step Three: Follow these three on Instagram @a4laa @tishas_creations @envykailynn

Step Four: Tag me (@a4laa) in a photo on Instagram show proof you followed these Steps with the hash tag #Iwanttowina4laacontest

Here are the Rules you MUST follow for a change to WIN!

1.  If you have won any other contest in the last 90 day period. YOU CAN NOT ENTER THE CONTEST! Sorry but I have to be fair. Thanks for supporting A4LAA Channel.

2.  Please remember to tag me (@a4laa) in a photo on Instagram with the hash tag #Iwanttowina4laacontest. Don’t for get that the photo has to be the proof of following all the site (YouTube,, Instagram) from above.

3. Most send a photo of them using the product once they receive the free gift. Remember to hash tag #Iwona4laacontest.

4. If you do not have one of the social sites listed to follow. Please email me at a4laachannel@gmail.comSubject Name Contest …  Please let me know so you can still be enter to win.

Aleisha Ashton

A4LAA Channel

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