Fast Mile Window Shades

Hello Readers

I love sunny days and really enjoy driving around my city taking in the sites. The best part is that my kids really enjoy the rides. My son is only eight months old and likes to look out the window at the scenery.  The sun shines in on him and keeps him for enjoying the ride. But with the fast mile window shades on the car they help keep the sun from shining in his face.

Below is a Video Review:

Product Information:

  • PROTECT YOUR CHILD AND PETS FROM SUN AND HEAT: Made of stretchy quality material our sun shades block harmful UV rays and let the least amount of sun and warmth inside. Your car will instantly be cooler even without air-conditioning!
  • NO MORE FUSS WITH SUCTION CUPS AND STATIC CLINGS: Don’t bother with annoying suctions and clings that unstick in 5 minutes – effortlessly slide our sun shades on your car window frame and straight on the road!
  • COVER ALMOST ANY TYPE OF CAR WINDOW: This sun shade is like a sock that fits most car window frames. Smaller or bigger car doors – we have you covered (literally)! And not only that: they are machine washable and comes with ☆STORAGE BAG☆ for your convenience!
  • TRY OUR SUNSHADES RISK-FREE FOR 365 DAYS: If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the product, return it within a year and get full refund or a replacement!
  • NO MORE SUN IN YOUR BABY’S EYES: Let your kids, passengers and even your dog enjoy the ride without sun shining in their eyes!

Click Here to Buy:

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