Sunsella Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings

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I enjoy making breakfast for myself everyday. I got to have my eggs in the morning, with some tea. I’m just the type of person who HATES scramble eggs. I like my eggs fried and some bacon in the morning.

I can never get my eggs to make a perfect circle until i tried the sunsella egg rings to make my eggs. My eggs cam out perfect for once and I can even scramble them if I choose. Add in my favorite things cheese, bacon and onions. Yummy!

Product Information:

Make professional looking perfectly round pancakes and eggs every time.

Set of 4 premium quality silicone egg rings which make cooking large amounts of pancakes or eggs a breeze. Fantastic for family meals or single serves. Multi-use for any pan, skillet or griddle and fantastic for the BBQ. These egg rings will soon become one of your favorite kitchen gadgets!

Non-stick silicone makes removal and clean up a breeze.

Some benefits of Sunsella Egg Rings include…
– Fold-down handle for cooking with lid on and storage.
– Non-scratch for pans.
– High-grade stainless steel handle with stay cool silicone pad for easy removal from pan.
– Non-stick silicone for easy cleaning.
– Made from high grade premium silicone which is safe for your family.
– Heat resistant silicone.
– Wont stick like the metal rings.
– No need to clean between batches of pancakes.
– Durable and re-usable.
– Great for extra large eggs.

Perfect size for homemade crumpets.

Evenly distributes heat for perfect eggs and pancakes all the way through. Make egg muffins at home just like the store bought ones.

Other options…
– Breakfast sandwiches
– Omlettes
– Desserts
– Benedict eggs
– Egg Muffins
– Burger patties
– And more…

Great gift idea!!!

Click Here to Buy:

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