T.L.T.W.P Poem

Hello Readers

I have been wanting to post some really old poems. That I written back in 2009, yeah that long ago. Please let me know what you think? But be nice! Enjoy and more to come!

The Name of this poem is:

True Love That Was Predestined

When I think about you
My heart stops
When I hear you voice
I am clam
You have a power of me

Listening to you talk about our future
Makes me love you more
When you say my name
I feel like I am dying

Only to be reborn

How can you be so loving?
To an ass hole like me?
What makes me different from the rest?

How is it that your love is so unconditional?
How can you love me this way?

Looking at my life
There is no one like you
There will never be anyone
As PERFECT as you

Why is loving you so hard for me
When there is nothing wrong with you
Why do I look for your mistakes?
When there is none to be found

How can I be so emotional about you?

You show me how to love
After being hurt so many times
You help me understand that
I’m fine as I am

You never judge me
Ever when I do you
Loving you is hard because you are so TRUE
In whatever you do
Only you can have my heart
Because it’s predestined for you

If I wasn’t intended
Then who

You make learning to love
Again an easy thing to do
I know am hard to deal with
But it’s easy for you to do

You help me see the good
When all I see is the bad

You have showed me how to love
Then how to let someone love me
And I love you for that

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