Baby Bazoo Back Seat Mirror

Hello Readers

My Likes:

  • I like that it comes with a Pacifier Holder. I no longer have to worry about losing it. I can just leave this one in the car.
  •  Window Sun-Shades are my favorite! I know that the sun is out of my son face and he can enjoy our car rides.
  • The Back seat mirror lets my son see his face and it fit perfect in both cars.
  •  Microfiber cloth is great when your get hand prints all over the mirror.

My son really like being able to see himself while we are driving. Before I got the Baby Bazoo mirror he would cry and cry. For many reason it being to bright outside and baby sun glasses didn’t work. He just throw them off. The fact that they give four teams for the price of one is a deal.

Product Information:

  • Top Quality Baby Car Mirror – A Must־Have product, enabling mom to oversee whether the Back Seat safety belt/straps are constantly secured. Providing a Convex Clear view of your precious. 360° pivot ball allowing a perfect view of your baby while driving safely. Ideal 8.7″* 6″ viewable size, allowing a head-to-toe baby viewing, yet not being an interruption to your rear sight view.
  • Safety Tested – Non-Glass, Shatterproof Top Quality Acrylic Baby Car Mirror. Your, and your Baby’s SAFETY is our PRIMARY GOAL. Not leaving a remote chance for any unexpected worries
  • Free Bonuses – Window Sun Shades, Baby Pacifier and a Microfiber cloth. Beautifully designed Box makes T-H-E Perfect Gift-Set
  • Adjustable Straps and Easy Installation in your Car Back Seat – Top Secure Strap Mechanism. No excess parts, minimalistic design for the safety of your baby. The mirror attaches in seconds to the headrest. Easy positioning

COST $20 Dollars

Click here to buy:

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