Happy Birthday Kamren..I have been breastfeeding for A YEAR…

Hello Readers

I have been able to breastfeed my son for a whole year. I am so lucky that my milk was never lost due to stressed, because I was alway worried. That I wasn’t feeding my son long enough because he never nursed as long as some babies. They say it should be no more than 45 minutes each feeding.

The only thing that eased my anxiety was when we went to his checkup appointments. His doctor would always encourage me to keep breast-feeding him and not to worry about the length of each feeding  time. She wanted me to focus on the happiness of my son.

I started to focus on his happiness and I watched him grow healthier each day. Because I was driving myself crazy trying to keep track of every feeding after he was five months old. Not caring about keeping track of each feeding. Help me enjoy breastfeeding more and I felt better connect to my son.

Now looking back, I forgot to enjoy the early stages of breast-feeding the first four months. The first four months or so important because you’re creating the bond the style in the overall enjoyment of breast-feeding.

I think every mom should look at Kellymom.com for all your breastfeeding information or any questions you might have.

Happy 1st Birthday Kamren

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Month 2

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