Beets BLU Product Review

Hello Readers

I have this really bad habit putting my keys down and completely forget where I put them. I  will never loses my keys again, Thanks to some cool technology by Beets BLU Key Finder.

 I was asked to review a few Beets BLU Products for FREE. I did some reading up on the tracker and was excited to try it out. Once I  receive the key finder I tested it out right away.  I put the Beets Blu key finder on my keys and lost them five minutes later. The keys where loss thanks to my son and took them off of the dresser. Yes, he is that tall at 12 months. I open the app and found my keys, no problem.

Here a photo of my son

I have been trying to find to work out less and get fast results in weight loss. What I found was that if you keep track of your heart rate you can count home many calories you should be burning. I have started walking for 50 minutes or 4 miles once a week. I use this Youtube video here:

It really easy to use the heart rate monitor with any smartphone. I have some more information about both products below.

Product One

More information on the Tracker:

  • Our lost thing reminder is a black electronic beeper which has loud sound alarm and red LED light in case of link loss
  • Our portable lost key detector also has remote commands accessible on the key fob button press
  • Geo regions actions (iOS only). You can use our key locator system through special app for iOS and Android. Gadget pairs with Apple iPhone (4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 plus), iPad (mini, 3, 4, Air) and Samsung Galaxy (S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge)
  • Lost location tracking on smart phone. Our device helps to find lost keys. The item can be also used for such objects as purse  or wallet, pet, bag and anything you tend to lose. Uses low power transmitter
  • Proximity detection with automatic sound alert. Also works as RF remote control. Our tracker is great gadget for men and women
If you want to buy one click link below:
Product Two
More information on the heart rate monitor:
  • Heart rate sensor with belt around chest delivers the most accurate heart rate readout thanks to ECG-based technology
  • Smoothly sync with iOS phones (iPhone 5, 4S) and selected Android devices* No dongle required
  • System consumes low energy therefore a small firmware battery is enough for more than a year
  • Our cheap recorder works with all popular apps like Endomondo, Runkeeper, Map My Run, etc
  • Wearable tracker approaches to running, fitness, crossfit, spinning, workout, exercise and other athletic sport
In you want it, click here:

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