Carrot Cupcakes with moscato wine

Hello Readers

I had some company over for a movie night and I want to do a little some extra with no time to bake anything. So I headed over to my local grocery store and picked up some already made cupcakes. I picked carrot cupcakes. I got a cheap pink Moscato wine, it was only $5 bucks. I also got some strawberries too.
Here is my video:


Get your own flavor injector pipettes:

More on the pipettes:

  • ✮SIMPLY THE BEST WAY TO MAKE YOUR TREATS STAND OUT: Giving recipients that extra flavor boost on demand. You can make a non alcoholic treat, alcoholic. Or just add some additional flavor. The choice is yours!
  • ✮FOOD-SAFE: Our Flavor Injector Squeeze Pipettes are safe for all foods. We make them from Low Density Polyethylene as it is BPA free and has no known health risks. It is important to us that you stay safe!
  • ✮PERFECT SIZE WITH UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES – We have many sizes available for any project. Choose Large for big cupcakes or ice-cream. Small for strawberries, macaroons, or even a sushi appetizer. We want to hear what you use them for!
  • ✮ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY – Our pipettes are a #4 plastic and fully recyclable. 

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