My list of thing’s to buy and NOT buy during pregnancy!

Hello Readers

I just found out that I’m expecting my third child this January. I’m super excited and shocked at the same time. Back in April of this year, I lost my father. His death was truly heartbreaking and I’m still grieving his lost. But in this difficult time, I have found some joy. Knowing a new life is coming is really a blessing. Especially with such a recent that was supposed to me.

So, I have chosen to focus on my new baby arrival. And I’ll get to pick out new things for my little bundle of joy. Which brings me to the things you don’t news when you’re pregnant. Below I have compiled a list of the things you should never waste money on.
What you should never buy, that most people say you should! 
This book is useless and just not worth it. You can find better information on the Internet from to webMD.

Now I know some people say this is the best thing out there for stretch marks but it’s not. Now I’m going to show you the two products that are.

I love this oil, you can use this any where you have stretch marks. Trust me they will fared away. I use this both pregnancies and I using it now.

You can also try this one too.

Now I’m going to talk about some things wroth buying while pregnant.

This really helped me with my nausea in my frist trimester.


This is another great tea.


Get one of these pillows and you will sleep so well during your pregnancy.


If you have bad back pain. Buy one of these and it will really help.


Even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding, getting a bra without wires is best. It will help with how your boobs swell during pregnancy.


Get under ware that’s made for pregnant women. They feel way better and don’t have elastic in them.

I hope this list helps! Thanks for reading 

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