Cell Phone Car Air Vent

Hello Reader’s

Check out this cell phone car air vent. More information below!

Product Information:

  • Super secure & safe for your devices: With the latest magnetic material technology adopted, the magnetic holder fastens any of your devices in a strong & reliable manner just over the narrow corner of your air vent grill.
  • Quick & easy snap-in mounting & function: This is a Plug-and-Play device in its nature. Simply insert the rubber lower end of the holder into spaces in your air vent, and it’s there & will not fall off. Then stick the iron plate to the back of your phone (if you do not have a phone case) or insert it into your phone case.
  • All direction rotatable for your device: Once your device is on top of our holder, rotate it into any position you want to clear the space, or to snap a photo from a particular angle that will be unavailable in other locations — ALL ARE OK on our magnetic holder. Mobile devices on our holders are MORE Interesting than just secure.
  • Follow our holder, follow the law: Keep in mind Phone While Driving is inconvenient, dangerous & against the law. Mount your device on the holder & connect it to your headset, and you avoid the greatest THREAT to your life.
  • A cool gift for anyone whom you care: Almost all who you love now need to drive & call. This tiny holder from you will cause no burden while ensuring their basic safety & communication needs. What is in the package: • Magnetic Car Air Vent Mounted Mobile Device Holder x 1, Round Iron Plate x 1, Rectangle Iron Plate x 1

Click here to buy: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y5D9V1K

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