Baby Mirror Review

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About the product

  • YOU want only the BEST for your Baby and Your PEACE of MIND is worth it! Our Backseat Baby Mirror takes the worry out of driving with your infant or toddler in his/her rear-facing car seat.
  • YOU want a baby rear-view mirror that will NOT block the driver’s view out the rear window. Many mirrors for babies or toddlers on the market are larger and extend past the edge of the headrest. Our backseat mirror allows for ample viewing area without interfering with your rear window view.
  • YOU want to keep your children cool, comfortable, and happy so we include a 2-PACK of SUNSHADES with our specially designed baby characters for the backseat side windows of your car.
  • YOU want to see if your baby is happy, sad, sleeping or awake. Our ball-joint allows for 360º adjustment and the large, convex mirror allows you to see your child in his/her rear-facing carseat from head to toe. Your baby is also able to see him/herself and you!
  • YOU don’t want to worry the baby backseat mirror might break or fall off in an accident. Our rear-facing backseat mirror for baby is made with safe, shatterproof acrylic. Strong and secure double-strap design guarantees the mirror will stay firmly fastened to the headrest. Our baby rear-view mirror is crash tested and parent approved!

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