Mosquito Repellent Wristband and Patch Review

Hello Reader’s

I really like the idea of this product. Non-toxic and is long lasting repellent againt mosquito and other bugs.

Check out my review below!

Product Information:

  • 250 HOURS PROTECTION : Each band could provide up to 250 hours of insect protection, protective range 1-2 meters.With the band you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about *PESKY DISTURBED*.Put your mind *AT EASE* and protect your children from mosquito bites at the same time!
  • FLEXIBLE BANDS FIT ALL SIZE WRIST & ANKLE: Will fit kids and adults and won’t fall or slip off like others. EZYKOO provide the *LARGEST LENGTH ADJUSTABLE RANGE * compared with the similar products. There is no worry about the size.
  • WATERPROOF& EFFECTIVE: Fully *WATERPROOF DESIGN* ensure perfectly effective in rain or at watersports, swimming. Single sterile sealed package ensure they could be reused for the second time.
  • 100% NATURAL& SAFE &DEET-FREE : The mosquito band is DEET FREE, Chemical Free and Non-toxic. Features a specially formulated mix of proven natural plant-derived ingredients (citronella, geranium, geraniol, lemongrass )to effectively repel most of the mosquitos, bugs, insect. It is 100% natural and *NO HARM* for your kids or environment.
  • ULTIMATE BRACELET SET & 30 PACK CUTE PATCH: The EZYKOO natural bug repellent come in a pack of 20, so there’s more than enough to shield not just the kids but everyone including friends. Mixed color so you have options on which one to wear or match.

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