Crystal Jem Collection


I got all the jems, rocks and crystals from this eBay store call crystalrich. Here is the list of Stones I brought below and more information about them.

1. Rose quarts
Affirmation: I open my heart to receive and express the energy of love.
Work best with the 4Th chakra.
2. Pyrite
Affirmation: My will is strong and i use it to accomplish the manifestation of my most benevolent hopes and desires. Chakra 3
3. Bloodstone
Affirmation: I am at home and alive in my physical body, which vibrates at it’s optimal level of strength, vitality, and purity, and I act for the hight good for all. Charka 1
4. Pearl
Affirmation: I am calm and quiet, and readly accept the gifts that abundantly surround me. Chakra 6th and 7th
5.Black Tourmaline
Affirmation: I banish all negative attachments, within and without, I am purified, grounded and centered upon Earth. 1St Chakra
6. Jade
Affirmation: I love life, and it flows through me in ever greater abundance. 4h chakra
7. Moonstone
Affirmation: I call forth the energies if the deep feminine, and I open myself to the inner gifts of the Goddess. 6th and 7th Chakra
8.Golden Apatite
Affirmation: I call forth my rightful clarity of mind, strength of purpose and success in creation and manifestation. 3rd Chakra
9. Ruby
Affirmation: I embrace life with fierceness, passion and the courage to accomplish all that I will to do. 1st Chakra
10. Sunstone
Affirmation: I claim my true place of leadership, giving and receiving abundant blessings. 2nd and 3rd Chakra
Affirmation: I call forth my deepest dreams and highest visions and commit myself to attaining in the physical world the highest possible spirtual energies. All Chakras

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