Minecraft Birthday Party


Hello Readers
Last December(2014) was my daughter seventh birthday and she wanted a  Minecraft party.  After two hours of looking on the Internet, I realized that I would have to make all of her decorations myself. None of the major party supplies store had Minecraft decorations.
 So I started my hunt for Minecraft party ideas. I wasn’t sure what I was going to feed my guess or how to set up the space for the party. 
The first site I came across was: http://www.minecraftxl.com/minecraft-party-ideas/ 
The link above is where I found my banner. Go to the link above to download the banner.
The second one:
* I just this site for idea’s only. They also have free printable.
The third one:
* I just this site for idea’s only
After looking at all the information out there about Minecraft. I was ready to start planning my menu and party games. I had to figure out the color scheme. I came up with black,green and brown. I used Minecraft balloons i found online. I used two different types of balloons the creeper and Minecraft face.
The creeper balloons.
This is what it looks like all blown up.
I also got the Heads for kids to use.


Minecraft Face


I got the stuff Minecraft dolls, to add around my daughter party.



I got all of them from eBay. I only paid about $21 dollars and got free shipping.
I also went to target to buy the toys.





Here is how my party came out.
 Here is the banner which says( HappyBirthday Kimora) in Minecraft lettering. Underneath the banner is the food area and where people got their plates and cutlery. I choose to use green and black as the color for the cups and cutlery.
Our Menu: Gold(mac and cheese), Lava(Cheese), Apples, Sticks(pretzel stick), Melon(watermelon),Pork chops(hotdog), Bread(hotdog buns),Potatoes(tots)
The Sweet’s and Gift bags table. Our sweet’s where : Coal(black rice crisp treat), Dirt Cloud(brownies), Slime Balls(green apple gum balls), Cupcakes, TNT(licorice), Diamonds(jellybeans),Firestone(jell-o)
Here is an inside look into the gift bags:
Minecraft Bracelets
Pixel Glasses got them from eBay 
I got these also online.
I made a sign for people to wish my daughter happy birthday. I used old photos of her to show how much she had grown in the last year. I attached a black marker for people to sign their name. I got the black and green letters from the dollar store. I got the poster board from there too. I painted the board lime green and used cupcake toppers to add poster.
Drink Area in the corner: Lava(strawberry soda), Creeper Juice(Hawaiian punch-polar blast and Sprit)
Here is one of the actives the kids did. I had them color their own Minecraft page. I got the coloring page from this site: http://www.minecraftcoloringpages.com/minecraft-world.php
The kids enjoyed it.


Happy Birthday Kimora!!








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