Silicone Wedding Rings By Steadfast Products


         Hello Readers

        I received the silicone rings at an extremely discounted price. I love the packages of the rings. They are super comfortable and very durable. I tried on the size 8 ring and it fit me. But my real ring size is a 7, so if I order the women’s rings the sizing probably would be off. The clean up is super easy and it’s perfect for men in construction or in the military.

This is how the product looks:

(there are normally five rings but the other is on my dad’s finger)


The information below is off of their Amazon Page:

Don’t stop displaying commitment to your relationship in order to enjoy your adventurous side
Our silicone rings are safe, comfortable, and unobtrusive. Regardless of your field of work or extracurricular activity, this silicone wedding ring will not subject you to finger or hand hazards. The silicone wedding band fits securely, even over the biggest knuckles, and it will not hinder your ability to grasp the tools of your trade. If the rubber wedding rings happen to catch on anything, they are designed to break at 40 pounds of pressure to prevent amputations or other hand injuries
Wear it exclusively as your only wedding band, or use it as a substitute when your activities might damage your formal wedding ring
Our silicone wedding ring is smooth and without logos or embossing, making it sleek and sophisticated enough to be your only ring. Or use your silicone ring as a temporary substitute so you can tuck your metal wedding ring safely away in the sock drawer, before going to your workout. These silicone rings men can use in whatever adventurous or demanding activity they take part in, be it rock climbing, military duty or outdoor adventures
Make one purchase and be confident of receiving a ring that fits
For 95% of men, this pack of 5 silicone rings contains a size that fits. No worrying about how the ring sizes run, or having to trouble with a return.
•   GUARANTEES GETTING THE RIGHT SIZE: 5-PACK of Silicone Wedding Rings men’s sizes (8, 9, 10, 11, 12) in Black guarantees you receive a ring that fits, without the hassle of figuring out the correct size or returns. This Silicone Wedding Band set solves the top complaint of buyers of silicone rings on in their reviews – receiving a ring that did not fit.

•   ALL DAY COMFORT: Medical hypoallergenic silicone is chemically inert and will not cause skin reactions as metal rings sometimes do. These Silicone Wedding Bands are smooth, without any large embossed or debossed logo or grooves that can irritate your finger.

•   SUPERIOR SAFETY: Non-conductive and designed to break away above 40 lbs of pressure, making this silicone wedding ring ideal for anyone who works with electricity or in professions or activities where rings can catch.

•   LONG LASTING: your silicone ring withstands strenuous activities that would mar traditional metal wedding bands. Impervious to water. Mechanical repairs, rock climbing, workouts, water skiing are all safe to enjoy with the silicone wedding ring.


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