VITAMIN C SERUM by Defy Naturals

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Today I tested out a new product By DEFY Naturals. I tried their Vitamin C Serum with 20% Hyaluronic Acid Amino complex. I  think the packing of the product is perfect. Right on the packaging it list that tis all natural, vegan and doesn’t test on animals. How many companies can even say they are all natural.


How to Use the product:


Wash face toughly with warm water and pat dry, leaving skin slightly damp.


    •   Apply a small amount of Defy Naturals Vitamin C Serum to the face and neck.

                             Let dry. For best results, follow with moisturizer.

     This product should be used once or twice daily and is effective under makeup.

You will start to see improvements in skin texture, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a vibrant, healthy skin ton in as little as two to three weeks.

My results:

My skin feels baby soft and I love it. I sensitive skin and this product didn’t break my face out at all. I don’t have wrinkles or fine lines, but I do get circles under my eyes. This serum help remove them and make’s me look ever under them I am. Even my skin tone looks better. You have to try this product. I have add more information below.


Here is a little information about the Product:

    DEFY EVERYDAY ANTI-AGING FORMULA – Vitamin C plays a critical role in preserving healthy, vibrant skin. However, as we age the Vitamin C in our skin decreases naturally. Add in UV light exposure, cigarette smoke and other pollutants in the atmosphere and the aging process speeds up even more. Using a concentrated Vitamin C serum like Defy Naturals slows the aging process and can even reverse it.

    CLINICAL STRENGTH FORMULA – Professionally formulated Vitamin C Serum to go into your skin to repair and reverse aging and sun damage, as well as regenerate new skin cells. This top-rated formula also contains natural extracts of aloe, thyme and chamomile to reduce redness and patchiness on your face, and to shrink pores for a beautiful, flawless, and youthful appearance.

    MADE IN THE USA – Manufactured to the highest quality standards in FDA certified laboratories. A Pure Vitamin C / Hyaluronic Acid Solution, No Alcohol – No Parabens. Vegan Friendly – No cruelty solution that is safe for all skin types.

    JOIN CLUB DEFY – We want to reward loyal Defy customers. In addition to our regular everyday multi-bottle discounts, every fifth bottle you buy per calendar year is our gift to you.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – At Defy we guarantee that you will experience a younger looking, more youthful appearance. If you don’t see results simply return it for a full no questions asked refund.

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