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I am lucky to have a sister that is getting married next year. I couldn’t be anymore happier for her and my new brother in-law. I’m so looking forward to there wedding and everything that comes along with it like an engagement party. My sister Tisha came up with the idea of and engagement barbeque. She put together everything herself and made all the decorations. Below are the photo’s of the party and how everything turn out.


My sister Tisha made all this except the banner. She did make the ring on the banner by hand.

My sister made the sign, she used liquid chalk marker by Chalkola. Check out my next blog for more information on these markers.


A close up of what is on the fire place.

  This two pictures of sunflowers are the table decorations my sister made.

Below is the Sweets Table.
Below is the Strawberry cake I made for the BBQ.
Below is the Jello shots made by my sister.
Here are the cupcake she made.

My sister also made a dry rub for meats as a thank you gift to guest.

Below is the food table.

For guest to use while at the party.
To keep up with tisha and see more of her creations. You can follow her on Instagram. Click the link below.
Aleisha Ashton
A4LAA Channel
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