Run Baby Belt Review

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I received a running belt from run baby at a discounted price for my honest option. I found this product to be useful and easy to figure out. It also is comfortable to wear and is something I would use.
I go for a walks with my kids all the time and never feel like carrying my purse. The run belt is awesome because I can fit my car keys and some money or my credit card. I don’t have to worry about someone taking it out of my stroller. They belt clips right on to my body with no problems.

I really like the color of the belt and the clip for your keys on the inside. It also has an adjustable strap for different sizes.

Below are some pictures of me using the belt.


Just put the belt on and looking forward to seeing how it works.

Putting my phone inside the belt. It looks great and doesn’t make it heavy.


It even fit this phone with this over sized case. How cool it that?
Below is the description and more information on this product.
  • SOFT, STRETCHY LYCRA RUNNING BELT HOLDS: phone, keys, money & gels snugly against your waist,
  • WAIST PACK BELT FITS ALL PHONES, MP3s, IPODs, Samsung, Galaxy, iphones, HTC
  • TWO EASY ACCESS OPENINGS ON FRONT OF RUNNING BELT – very easy to use. Plus extra Security Key Clip,
  • SECURE, ADJUSTABLE WAIST PACK STRAP – fits 24 to 48 inches,
  • BE SEEN AT NIGHT – Bright Colour & Reflective logo allow road users to see you
Product Description- Right from Amazon page!
“Super noticeable bright orange”
Bright dayglo orange color and reflective lettering makes the belt easy to see, and makes you more visible to cars and cyclists, when it’s getting dark outside,
Your friends will love it, and won’t miss it, for sure
“Soft, lightweight, comfortable – No bounce promise”
Made out of an elastic material that won’t make you sweat,
The inner pouch rubber-like fabric has that gripping effect that holds your things in place,
Fits snugly against your waist and/or hips,
Pouches are easy to get into, and hold things flat against your body,
So comfortable that you will forget you’re wearing it,
Super easy to put on – just slip it on and go!
“Two expandable non-zippered pockets”
Made from stretchy material so you can fit even the biggest iPhone 6 Plus,
Perfect for putting your phone in the one side and having your headphones come out the other,
Easily holds phones, gels, keys and all your stuff.
“Adjustable strap and buckle fit all body types”
From the slim waisted runner, to the larger body type,
Adjustability means one belt can be shared with your family or friends, won’t need different sizes,
Functionality – an everyday belt
Perfect everyday belt for everyone from runners to just about anyone who wants to keep their hands free – Running, walking, Zumba classes, the gym, dog walking, looking after the kids, cleaning your home,
Check out their site

 To buy this running belt click the link to Amazon.

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