Mamaway Sling Baby Carrier Review

Hello Readers
I received this Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier for free to review for my honest option.  
I have put my thought into a video below. I also have a few photos of it in action. 
A bit of information about the sling in more details.

 Below are some photos of the Mamaway Baby sling in action.

Here is some information about the Mamaway Sling right from them:
Check out their website here:

Information on the sling:


Looking for the perfect baby carrier that is easy to use, adjustable, and convenient? 
Tried a list of other carriers but still haven’t found the one your baby loves?The Mamaway Ring Sling baby carrier gives you the ease, comfort and benefits that no other
 baby carrier can.

Research shows babywearing to be the safest way to carry your child.
It promotes the bonding and attachment essential for your baby’s emotional development.
Some major babywearing benefits:
Skin-to-skin interaction between you and your newborn promotes a warmer, more holistic 
development leading to happier and smarter babies
Gives you hands-free convenience while knowing your baby is close, safe and comfortable 
Baby’s All Set, Positioned And Ready To Go In Just 10 Seconds
Going out for groceries or grabbing a bite to eat together with your baby can be tough.
 Wearing your new Mamaway Ring Sling gives you the option and freedom to choose between
 many comfortable positions (side, lay down, face front) for your baby.
Perfect for newborns and strong enough for growing toddlers.
Ergonomically-designed and calculated weight distribution makes it easy on your back, and 
allows you to carry and bond with your baby for longer hours.
Made from 100% Pima cotton. Breathable and allergy free. Suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin.
Super light yet tough enough to support up to 50 kgs of weight.
Super Mommy Breastfeeding On The Go
You Mamaway Ring Sling baby carrier eliminates practically all your breastfeeding worries. 
Feeding time can be done anywhere, anytime so baby won’t have wait.
 Privacy is never an issue as it doubles as a nursing cover.
Order now and experience the magic of Mamaway Ring Sling baby carrier.

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