Child Window Sun Shades


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Update on Product use:
I got the sun shades in August of 2017,  when I first received them. My son (who is 2)  broke them, a week ago. They are very durable in my option and expression with them. They are work well and have last a long time.
Check out a video review of these sun shades. Video below!
Product Information:
  • SUN SHADE FOR ALL TYPES OF NEED. As much as we need the sun to survive, it sometimes cause an inconvenience for us especially during the height of summer. The summer sunshine can be quite harsh. The glare from the sun can harm our eyes that is why we wear sunglasses to protect it. The UVA and UVB rays may also hurt our skin and it also needs to be blocked. It is really a good thing that there are different types of sun shade available for cars or strollers and for other needs.
  • WINDOW SHADE. There are times when there is too much sun streaming inside our houses from outside. The sunlight is great in allowing us to see better and do our daily task but too much sunlight can also cause glare and we want to filter it. There are many types of window shade available such as curtain or blinds and each have their own benefit. One thing is common as they all prevent the sun rays from entering the windows thus protecting the inhabitants.
  • CAR SUN SHADE. One must be very careful when driving to avoid accident and needs all eyes to be alert. However we get distracted by the sun rays and need to squint and adjust our vision to avoid the glare from the sun. This is why Car Sun Shade is very useful as sun protection to both driver and passengers. It blocks the sun rays outside thus preventing glare. The car sun shade keeps the temperature inside the car down and prevents heat from seeping in.
  • STROLLER SHADE. Many parents travel outdoors with their children on stroller to enjoy the view. However parents are concerned about the harmful effect of the sun on children. Vitamin D which we get from the sun is essential for the growth of children however it is advisable to expose the children on early morning sun and not during the times when the sun is high. The stroller shade shields the child from the harsh UVA and UVB rays. It is easy to adjust and attach on the strollers or prams.





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