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Hello Readers

The wine cubby is very cool and i think anyone who drinks wine will love it. You can bring wine where you want too. Never have to worry about the bottle breaking on you ever again.

I can’t wait to use this for a date in the park or something!


Product Information:

Wine To Go Without the Glass
The WineCubby by Pratico Outdoors is a foldable reusable wine bag that lets you store and take to go a full bottle of wine (750ml). By using the WineCubby you don’t need to worry about carrying bulky glass bottles and you can now bring it to places where typically glass is not allowed
Why the WineCubby?

✔ Holds a Full Bottle – Fits a full 750ml wine bottle with room to spare. Unique designed wine leaf and bottle shape magically appears when filling with your favorite vino. 
✔ Take Wine to Go Without Glass – Made from BPA-free food grade plastic which prevents unwanted odors & lets you take your wine where and when you want. Take the WineCubby to beaches, pools, concerts, tailgates, hikes, camping trips, picnics, or even bachelorette parties! 
✔ Easy & Fast to Fill – Included collapsible funnel makes filling and re-filling the WineCubby a snap plus no mess or worrying about unsteady hands. 
✔ No Messes When Transporting – Included multi-purpose carrying case holds a full WineCubby and protects against spills and other accidents. Carrying case also holds an actual wine bottle which is great for transporting wine when traveling. 
✔ Lifetime Warranty – You’re protected by a no-hassle free replacement guarantee. 

What You Get When You Buy the WineCubby

✔ WineCubby Wine Bag – Fits a whole bottle of wine (750 ml) 
✔ Multi-purpose Carrying Case – Reusable carrying case holds full WineCubby Wine Bag or 1 glass wine bottle 
✔ Foldable Funnel – Collapsible foldable funnel which makes filling a breeze (funnel comes with 1 of 3 possible colors … each a surprise when you order) 

Click here to buy:

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