(old date 2016) Valentine’s Day Date

Hello Readers

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! I hope your day is going well and enjoying yourself. I celebrated valentine’s day early this year, we wanted to go out the day before V-Day! We wanted to have an adult date, since last year we celebrated with the kids. Check out my blog from last year, to see what we did!

We started our date with wine tasting, at 21 Cellars.

The tasting room is open from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

21 Cellars
Every time he begins a new handcrafted batch, winemaker Philip Coates strives to bring out the elemental flavors of his Washington-grown grapes. A limited production schedule lets Philip and his team spend more time on each varietal, de-stemming grapes by hand before fermenting batches with native yeasts and aging them. Next, they fill, cork, and wax each bottle by hand before applying labels designed by local artists.

Sounds fun right, we really enjoy ourselves and even bought so wine!

You can buy it here from groupon it was only $13 bucks. https://www.groupon.com/deals/21-cellars-1-4?utm_campaign=UserReferral&utm_medium=email&utm_source=deal_ita

After we left 21 Cellars, we wanted something to eat so we head over to BJ’s restaurant. We spend around $50 bucks, but the food is really good. The service wasn’t that great.

We wanted to end out date with racing at the Grand Prix Raceway in Lakewood,WA.

We had so much fun racing with other drivers. I was the slowest person, mostly cause it was hard to drive in my boots but it was still fun.

$22 for Two 20-Lap Go-Kart Races at Grand Prix Raceway in Lakewood (Up to $44 Value)

I hope this gives you ideas for dates and just fun time with someone your love.

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