30 Day Mental Health Challenge

Hello Reader's Please subscribe to the blog for a FREE 30 day mental health challenge calendar. You will get it free, when you sign up for the blog. Please help grow my following and keep up with A4laa channel by signing up. Thank You 30 Day Mental Health Challenge Calendar ========================================­=== **Click Above to SUBSCRIBE... Continue Reading →

What is Hoodoo?

Dear Readers, DISCLAIMER: THESE ARE MY OPTIONS AND BELIEFS SYSTEMS. Mixed with FACTURAL INFORMATION CITED BELOW.   Hoodoo is a form of traditional African-American folk magic that developed from a combination of beliefs of a number of separate African cultures after they came to the United States during the slave trade, Hazzard-Donald explains in her... Continue Reading →

Vote Nov 6TH

We have the freedom to choose our leaders and engage on the issues that we care about. That means we can build power in our communities and create real change. Our right to vote gives us that power. But whether that right is protected varies from state to state. (Yes, even today.) Some states have... Continue Reading →

Check Out My YouTube Page!

  Hello Reader's I want to let all my followers know about my YouTube page. Please, go to the link below and subscribe to follow me. I only have six subscribes and would love more! My YouTube channel is all about reviews, family and enjoying life! I hope you subscribe soon! Below is some photo's... Continue Reading →

What is A4LAA Channel?

Hello Readers I am super excited about my new YouTube channel wear i will be reviewing and testing products of all types. I can't wait to post my first review on YouTube. Here is my first ever YouTube Video, which explains what my channel will be about. I hope you enjoy it please comment your... Continue Reading →

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