Maternity Belt

                  Hello Readers I am currently pregnant with my third baby. I'm super excited and have been experiencing some back pain. So I started looking into options for back support while pregnant. Luckily enough I was asked to review a back belt for pregnancy. Information about the... Continue Reading →

Mumsie Influenster Box review

  Hello Reader'sI got an Influenster Box this week and I was so happy to open it. The best part that it was geared for mothers. I also love anything for skin care! Below is my review on the product from my YouTube channel! Check it out!

My list of thing’s to buy and NOT buy during pregnancy!

Hello ReadersI just found out that I'm expecting my third child this January. I'm super excited and shocked at the same time. Back in April of this year, I lost my father. His death was truly heartbreaking and I'm still grieving his lost. But in this difficult time, I have found some joy. Knowing a... Continue Reading →

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